Longboarder Saves the Day with Pizza

When mudslides shut down Highway 17 in Los Gatos, California, a man armed with his trusty longboard jumped into action to save the day – with pizza. A pizza delivery boy (man) far removed from his days on his beginner longboard was called into work to do the most heroic thing one could do under such circumstances, ensure people are well fed with pizza. For most of the day you could see this food delivering wonder zipping back and forth through the traffic ensuring hungry people were fed.

Daniel Christjensen is used to driving to his deliveries, but with the roads closed an alternative form of transportation was needed. Drivers were stuck on the road for up to five hours not moving. The mudslide had essentially trapped many of the drivers on the highway. The people at Pizza My Heart had an idea and quickly began informing the drivers that they could place orders and to use the car’s make and model as identification. The pizza place then tasked out their delivery boy, who was handy on a skateboard, to make sure the pizzas made it to their destination. It’s kind of like the postman’s creed about hail and storm – but with a delicious cheese topping instead of correspondence.

beginner longboard

“Pizza Claus” as Daniel is now occasionally referred to as, even delivered a pizza to a woman who was nine months pregnant. There may be a whole slew of children who look at Pizza Claus and decide to get their own beginner longboard in order to learn to one day save the day themselves. Los Gatos definitely has its newest superhero, and argue that if Ant-Man can be a thing, why not jolly ‘ol Pizza Claus and his longboard of justice?